Transformers & Filters for LAN


HALO designs and manufactures a wide range of IEEE 802.3 compliant LAN product including Discrete Ethernet Transformers, a complete line of integrated RJ45 FastJacks, Common Mode Filters, Token Ring Magnetics, and Fibre Channel Transformers. The GEmini series of high performance Gigabit transformers offers one of the industries smallest footprints. Check out HALO’s TNT (Thin Net Transceiver) for an all in one 10BASE2 (thinnet) solution.

HALO magetics for telecom applications


HALO is a leading supplier of magnetics for Telecom applications. Product offering includes T1/E1 magnetic transformers, CEPT, T3, DS3, E3, STS-1, E4/STM-1/STS-3/OC-3, 56/64/72Kbps Digital Line Interface Magnetics, and Common Mode Rejection Chokes. The Tele-Jack™ series of integrated RJ45’s offers a robust solution for telecom applications where space is limited. For lightning strike and power line cross protection check out HALO’s Telcordia GR1089 compliant integrated Tele-Pro™ modules.

HALO Inductors


HALO’s line of power inductors are available in drum core, shielded drum core, and shielded molded options.

HALO Digital Audio Transformers

Digital Audio Transformers

HALO’s line of miniature surface mount shielded digital audio transformers have a broad frequency bandwidth of 10kHz to 200MHz, low Cw/w, and an integrated shield for enhanced CMR performance.

HALO RF Transformers

RF Transformers

HALO offers surface mount wideband RF magnetics ranging from 0.04 to 500MHz in standard 6pin configurations.

HALO RJ-45 Connectors


HALO’s series of 8P8C shielded modular through hole RJ45s are available in Tab-Down, Tab-Up, and Vertical latch orientations with three different gold plating options.

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