Automotive Communication

HALO Automotive products

HALO Electronics offers automotive AEC-Q200 transformers for use in both Ethernet and MOST50 communication applications. HALO supplies these automotive transformers to many of the leading automobile manufactures. Please contact the factory if you have a customer application or any additional questions.

HALO Ethernet Magnetics

Automotive Ethernet Transformers

HALO Electronics offers a complete line of AEC-Q200 qualified Ethernet transformers specifically designed for infotainment automotive applications. This series is available in either Grade 1 or Grade 3 temperature ratings. All parts are manufactured in a TS16949 and ISO9001 certified HALO factory.

Automotive MOST50

Automotive MOST50 Isolation Transformers

HALO Electronics offers MOST50® isolation transformers in compliance with the MOST Cooperation standards. These transformers are typically used in gateway and analog/digital video interface applications.