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HALO’s China Factory Coronavirus Updates

Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

Our manufacturing facilities in Zhongshan and Debao China have seen a steady increase in our workforce returning after the Corona Virus related plant closures. These locations are now at approximately 80% capacity. As well, our critical raw material vendors have now reopened their plants and are increasing their capacity as quickly as possible. The situation remains fluid as we are now dealing with the virus’s effect on the Global business environment, but we are confident that we will continual improvement in the coming weeks.

The HALO sales personnel are now working from home, following the Shelter-In-Place (SIP) State and Federal Orders. Essential functions required to continue providing our critical services to our customers, and support our employees working from home, are being performed following the Social Distancing Protocols.

The entire HALO Team would like to thank you, our most valued customers, for your patience while we work through the COVID-19 virus issues and keep our workers safe and healthy. We, as has been our practice throughout this difficult time, will continue to communicate and update you as more information becomes available.

HALO’s Management Team

HALO Factory Updates – Coronavirus_040720

HALO Invests in Next Generation High Speed Data Transformer Technology Capable of 3.7GHz Bandwidth

SANTA CLARA, CA January 21, 2020 — HALO Electronics, a leading supplier of Ethernet transformers, invests in UWB X Limited, a U.K. based technology company focused on creating a new high-speed transformer technology. As part of HALO’s ownership stake, HALO will have exclusive use of this patent pending technology with manufacturing at HALO’s UL and IATF recognized global production facilities.

The technology that UWBX has developed will change the way we think about standard Ethernet transformers and will push the bandwidth ceiling to a level not achievable from traditional transformer technology,” says Jeff Heaton, HALO’s V.P of Technical Marketing.

Andrew Ackland, CTO of UWBX and inventor of this technology, says “Having invented some ground breaking transformer technology, UWB X is very excited to be working with HALO, a magnetics vendor of world renown, and look forward to jointly exploring new horizons in magnetics and seeing the results taken from the lab to reality to make a real impact in the world.

With this technology, HALO intends to develop 25/40G (IEEE802.3bq) magnetics as well as galvanic isolated Multi Gig BASE-T1 (up to 10G over a single pair) transformer solutions for next generation high speed Ethernet applications.

HALO Electronics, Inc. has been a technology leader in the communications industry since its inception in 1991. This technology investment expands HALO’s leadership role in the communications industry.

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HALO® Electronics Announces New Series of 2.5G/5G Multi- Gigabit Discrete Ethernet Isolation Modules

SANTA CLARA, CA, June 4, 2018 – HALO Electronics, a global supplier of FastJack™ integrated Ethernet RJ45 connectors and discrete transformers, announced today its full line of 2.5G and 5G Ethernet transformers to address the increasing data rates of enterprise networking equipment and the higher bandwidth requirements of wireless access points.

The 2.5G/5G data rates are an important intermediary step between the 1G and 10G data rates; offering increased data transfer over 1G using existing cable installs as well as lower power consumption per port when compared to 10G.

NZ and NZ5 packageHALO’s 2.5G/5G transformers are available in two packages. The NZ/NZ5 industry standard packages are available in standard temperature and extended temperature versions with PoE, PoE+,and 4PPoE (+90W) capabilities.

In addition to the NZ/NZ5 package, HALO has announced the Nano2.5G series of miniature transformers. The Nano2.5G parts are available in PoE, PoE+, and 4PPoE (60W) options.

Product Highlights:

  • Standard and Extended Temperature Ranges
  • UL Certified
  • IEEE802.3 Compliant
  • PoE/PoE+/4PPoE Capable
  • Smallest 2.5G Footprint

The 2.5G/5G transformers are available through HALO’s franchised distributor partners. Production lead-time is stock to eight (8) to twelve (12) weeks.

For more information please visit HALO’s 2.5G/5G website at:

About HALO

HALO® Electronics is a leading supplier of high quality communication magnetics including signal transformers, CMR chokes, PoE flyback transformers, DC/DC converter low power transformers, and Ethernet connectors. HALO’s leading-edge technology solutions are manufactured in ISO9001 and ISO14001 factories providing the highest quality products.

Download a PDF version of this press release: HALO Mutli-Gig Transformer Press Release

HALO Electronics Expands Connector Product Offering with New Family of Single Port Shielded 8P8C RJ45s

LAS VEGAS, May 14, 2018 – HALO Electronics, a leading supplier of FastJacks™ integrated Ethernet RJ45 connectors and discrete transformers, today announced the addition of 8P8C shielded modular connectors. The initial offering will include multiple gold platings and LED colors available in tab-down, tab-up, and vertical latch orientations.
“This new series of 8P8C RJ45 connectors is a perfect complement to our ever-growing line of high quality Ethernet discrete transformers providing our customers a single stop for all of their Ethernet connectivity requirements”, says Jeff Heaton, HALO’s Vice President of Technical Marketing.

The HCJ series offers the following specifications:

  • Extended Operating Temperature Range (-40C to +85C)
  • 750 Mating Cycles
  • PoE/PoE+/4PPoE Capable

The HCJ series is available through the HALO franchised distributor partners. Production leadtime is stock to ten (10) weeks.

About HALO

HALO® Electronics is a leading supplier of high quality communication magnetics including
signal transformers, CMR chokes, PoE flyback transformers, DC/DC converter low power
transformers, and Ethernet connectors. HALO’s leading-edge technology solutions are
manufactured in ISO9001 and ISO14001 factories providing the highest quality products.

Download a PDF version of this press release: HALO Electronics Expands Connector Product Offering with New Family of Single Port Shielded 8P8C RJ45s

HALO™ Electronics, Inc. Wins Major U.S. Supreme Court Victory in Patent Suit Over Enhanced Damages

Las Vegas, NV, June 13, 2016 – HALO Electronics, Inc. won a groundbreaking U.S. Supreme Court case on June 13, 2016, in its nine-year patent litigation with Pulse Electronics, Inc. (Halo Electronics, Inc. v. Pulse Electronics, Inc.). The Supreme Court ruled, in a unanimous decision by Chief Justice Roberts, that the current legal test for increased damages (called the Seagate test) is not consistent with Section 284 of the Patent Act. The decision will make it easier for courts to award enhanced damages in cases of egregious behavior by the infringer.

HALO had argued that the test for enhanced damages was too rigid and that judges should instead have discretion to decide when to award enhanced damages. The Court agreed and noted, “The principal problem with Seagate’s two-part test is that it requires a finding of objective recklessness in every case before district courts may award enhanced damages. Such a threshold requirement excludes from discretionary punishment many of the most culpable offenders, such as the ‘wanton and malicious pirate’ who intentionally infringes another’s patent—with no doubts about its validity or any notion of a defense—for no purpose other than to steal the patentee’s business.”

“We are thrilled with the Supreme Court’s decision. HALO came up with a truly innovative idea that larger companies, like Pulse, decided to copy. This win means that all patent owners – no matter how big or small – can better protect themselves from patent infringers and can be assured that infringers will be held accountable for their egregious conduct,” said Jeffrey Heaton, Vice President of HALO Electronics.

HALO won at trial on November 26, 2012, with the jury finding that Pulse willfully infringed eight claims of three HALO patents. The district court ordered Pulse to pay HALO damages and issued a permanent injunction. On October 22, 2014, the Federal Circuit to affirm findings that HALO’s patents were both valid and infringed by Pulse, and rejected Pulse’s argument that the inventions were invalid. The Court also affirmed a non-infringement finding for HALO on a Pulse patent.

HALO is represented by Fish & Richardson P.C. Fish principals William Woodford and Tom Melsheimer were co-lead trial counsel in the case. The appeals were handled by William Woodford, Craig Countryman, Michael Kane, and John Dragseth.

“The jury evaluated Pulse’s behavior and determined that its infringement was willful. But the Seagate test forced the district court to focus on Pulse’s trial defenses rather than Pulse’s conduct at the time it decided to infringe HALO’s patents. The new Supreme Court standard rightfully shifts the focus back to Pulse’s infringing behavior,” added Fish principal William Woodford. “We look forward to returning to the district court to hold Pulse accountable.”

HALO’s patented technology has been widely used in the industry. Several of HALO’s competitors licensed HALO’s patent portfolio. Each of these competitors paid HALO royalties for the right to continue selling components using HALO’s innovative design.

About HALO Electronics

HALO is a privately held business that was founded in 1991. The company is based in Las Vegas and is a leading global supplier of communication and low power management magnetics for the electronics industry. HALO’s patented packaging technology houses magnetic components that are commonly found in computers, routers, and other electronic devices.

About Fish & Richardson

Fish & Richardson is a global patent, intellectual property (IP) litigation, and commercial litigation law firm with more than 400 attorneys and technology specialists across the U.S. and Europe. Fish has been named the #1 patent litigation firm in the U.S. for 13 consecutive years and is one of the busiest post-grant firms, representing more petitioners at the PTAB than any other firm. Fish has been winning cases worth billions in controversy – often by making new law – for the most innovative clients and influential industry leaders since 1878. For more information, visit

Download a PDF version of this press release: HALO Electronics Inc Wins Major U S Supreme Court Victory 061316

HALO Electronics Signs Representative RedTree Solutions in the Nordic Region

Santa Clara, California, April 8th 2016

HALO Electronics, a leading manufacturer of communication and power magnetics, signs RedTree Solutions as their exclusive manufacturer representative in the Nordic Region, which includes Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

“RedTree Solutions, with their technical expertise, customer-centric focus, and synergistic line card, is a valuable addition to HALO’s European representative network. We look forward to close collaboration and success with the Redtree team”, says Sharon Pickard HALO’s European Regional Manager.

Peter Rogers, RedTree Vice President, says “RedTree Solutions is very excited to be working with HALO Electronics Inc. HALO’s exceptional product range provides a unique opportunity to expand business at existing accounts as well as addressing thriving start up companies in the Nordic region. We look forward to developing a productive and successful business partnership together.

About HALO Electronics

HALO® Electronics is a leading supplier of high quality communication magnetics including signal transformers, filters, CMR chokes, PoE power transformers, DC/DC converters, and integrated Ethernet connectors. HALO’s leading edge technology solutions are manufactured in ISO9001 and ISO14001 factories offering high quality products at a competitive price.

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HALO FastJack™ Lead Free Conversion PCN

The ROHS directive is expected to change in July of 2016, removing exemption 7a, which today allows for high lead content solders to be used for internal solder joints of electronic components. To insure that our Tab Down, Tab Up and Vertical FastJack series (integrated RJ-45 connectors) remain compliant prior to the expected ROHS directive change date we are pleased to announce that effective with date code 1601 through-hole solder process FastJacks will be changed to Lead Free solders.

  •  There is no part number change (the RL suffix will remain constant).
  •  There is no change to the Form, Fit or Function of these devices.

The PCN documents provide the entire list of part numbers affected by this PCN.

This PCN does not include our “Pin-In-Paste” series, designed for SMD reflow processes, or our Low Profile series. Additional PCNs will be issued in the near future for the lead free conversion of these series.

Should you have any questions, please contact your local HALO representative, HALO franchised distributor or HALO direct at

HALO Electronics Signs Global Distribution Agreement with Mouser Electronics

SANTA CLARA, CA, March 24, 2015 – HALO® Electronics, a leading magnetic transformer supplier dedicated to quality, technology leadership, and innovative products for Ethernet and telecommunication applications, has entered into a global partnership and distribution agreement with Mouser Electronics.

Mouser’s initial stock of HALO Electronics products includes IEEE-compliant high-speed Ethernet transformers ranging from 10BASE2 to 10 Gigabit data rates, telecom transformers for T1/E1 and T3/E3, shielded power inductors, common mode chokes, and integrated RJ45 FastJacks™ with HALO’s gorilla proof contact technology.

John Diggins, HALO Vice President of Global Sales, commented, “Mouser’s ecommerce solutions, cutting edge logistics center, and new product introduction capabilities will offer the engineering community unprecedented access to HALO’s products.”

“HALO’s world-class line of transformers and FastJacks are a great addition to the Mouser portfolio” said Andy Kerr, Mouser Vice President of Supplier Management, “HALO’s focus on quality and design innovation, coupled with their Engineering-centric business philosophy is sure to create superior value to developers.”

HALO’s products can be viewed at

About Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics, a subsidiary of TTI, Inc., is part of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway family of companies. Mouser is an award-winning, authorized semiconductor and electronic component distributor, focused on the rapid introduction of new products and technologies to electronic design engineers and buyers. features more than 4 million products online from more than 500 manufacturers. Mouser publishes multiple catalogs per year providing designers with up-to-date data on the components now available for the next generation of electronic devices. Mouser ships globally to over 400,000 customers in 170 countries from its 492,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility south of Dallas, Texas. For more information, visit

About HALO Electronics

HALO Electronics is a leading supplier of high quality UL/EN60950 recognized communication magnetics including signal transformers, filters, CMR chokes, PoE power transformers, DC/DC isolation transformers, and integrated RJ45 FastJack Ethernet
connectors. HALO’s leading edge technology solutions are manufactured in ISO9001 and ISO14001 factories offering high quality products at a competitive price. For more information, visit

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HALO Announces New Production Facility

New Factory in the Guangxi Region of China to Reduce Leadtimes and Increase Manufacturing Capacity

Santa Clara, CA (December 6th, 2013) – HALO Electronics today announced the opening of a new manufacturing facility in the Guangxi region of China. This facility provides many benefits including a stable labor force, an improved Business Continuity Plan (BCP), and the goal of reducing lead times by load balancing production between the two manufacturing facilities. The same quality system used in HALO’s Zhong Shan plant has been implemented in the new site assuring quality consistency between plants.

The new plant is now in full production producing standard catalog discrete SMD transformers and select custom products. The plant is ISO9001 certified and UL recognized for Functional Insulation transformers. “Over time, HALO will expand the production capabilities such that most HALO products can be built in this plant, further increasing the flexibility in load balancing our production requirements,” said Jeffrey Heaton, Vice President of HALO Electronics.


Parts manufactured in the new facility will be marked with the number 6 in the lower right hand corner of the top surface of the package, as shown in the photo (right) identifying this manufacturing site
and providing the necessary traceability required for HALO’s quality systems.

Should you have any questions, please contact your local HALO representative or the HALO Sales and Marketing team nearest you.


About HALO

HALO Electronics is a leading manufacturer of communication and power transformers and FastJacks™, Integrated RJ-45 connectors. HALO provides leading edge technology through our patented SMD construction and our goal of providing “Next Generation Solutions Today”.

HALO Prices Impacted By Higher Costs

As most of our customers understand, the labor costs in China continue to increase. Effective May 1st we experienced yet another labor cost increase of 19%. This is one of many increases over the last 3 years that has now caused our labor cost to effectively double over the same period of time. This increased labor cost not only impacts our direct costs but also has a negative effect on our raw material costs as our vendors’ labor costs have also increased at the same rate.

As well, the fluctuation in the exchange rate related to the Chinese Renminbi has further increased our costs in terms of U.S. dollars.

In an effort to minimize these cost increases HALO has been working diligently on a number of labor reduction campaigns. Streamlining production lines and increasing the level of automation wherever possible are a few of the key areas in this effort. New automation equipment has been implemented on many high volume parts and this has had the positive results we expected.

At the end of the day, those products which have higher labor content and where we have been unable to increase automation, due to industry equipment technology constraints, we will be forced to increase prices. The price increase will become effective on August 1st, 2013. We will continue to work on solving existing automation limitations in the industry with the goal of being an automation leader in the magnetics industry.

Please feel free to contact your HALO sales office, representative or franchised distributor for more information.