End of Life (EOL) Notification ROHS 5 Products

July 30th, 2021

For several years, HALO has indicated that our ROHS 5 products would be discontinued. We have encouraged all customers to make the change from ROHS 5 (with tin lead on the leads and in the internal solder joints) to our ROHS 6 compliant parts, with suffix RL, LF or NL. It is now time for this change to occur, as we can no longer support the small quantities still being purchased by a few customers.

This EOL is applicable to all discrete transformers, CMR chokes, and FastJacksTM. Products with prefix, TD, TG, LCC, LD, LG, HFJ, MD, MG, MST that do not have a RL, LF or NL suffix will be discontinued. In all cases we can offer drop in replacement parts that are ROHS 6 compliant, either in Lead Free (preferred), or ROHS 6 compliant relying on exemption 7a (not recommended due to the likely expiration of exemption 7a in the not too distant future). There is no change to the mechanical or electrical specifications nor to the UL safety status, when changing to our ROHS 6 compliant products.

Customers may place last time buys for 90 days, until October 30, 2021 with shipments scheduled out to October 30th, 2022.

Other products, such as our discrete inductors, including products with prefix LS, HDC, HDS and HPC, the HCJ pass through connectors, as well as our Pro-Tek5TM products, with prefix PT, are already Lead Free and this EOL does not impact these products.

Should this EOL have any impact on your existing business or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local HALO representative, or contact HALO directly at info@haloelectronics.com.

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