HALO’s China Factory Coronavirus Updates

Tuesday, February 18th, 2020 09:00a (UTC-8):

The Local Government in Zhongshan city is beginning to ease some restrictions and allow work to resume in factories later this week. Initially, we expect to have a very limited work force and manufacturing capabilities as there are still questions surrounding the transit of both workers and goods in and out of the area and between mainland China and Hong Kong.

Once the Zhongshan factory opens we will be processing and shipping finished goods as soon as possible. Our team in the factory is working closely with the local authorities to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our workers.

Then, as of 7:30am today, we have received notice that we can begin to reopen our other plant in the Guangxi province. Again, this will be a partial reopening with a limited amount of workers allowed to return to work.

As is evident by the formal reporting out of China the situation is very fluid, and it will take time and patience to adjust and bring production back up to 100% while at the same time keeping our employees safe. There are still over 150 million people in China not allowed to leave their home towns. We will continue to update our valued customers as the situation changes.

We at HALO thank you for your patience and hope that our efforts to communicate with you regarding the ever-changing situation in China is of benefit and service to you. Please feel free to call us with any concerns you may have.

HALO’s Management Team

HALO Factory Updates – Coronavirus