Digital Audio Transformers



HALO Digital Audio Transformers

Typical Applications

  • Microphone Pre-Amps & Amplifiers
  • Microphone Splitters
  • CD-R, DAT, MD, DVD, and VTR Equipment
  • Mixing Consoles
  • Digital Audio Transmission Equipment
  • Quality D/A and A/D Audio Converters
  • Effect Processors
  • Computer Audio Systems
  • High End Headphone Amplifiers
  • AES3 I/O Filtering

The new series of miniature pro audio shielded transformers from HALO Electronics offers digital audio design engineers a small package solution to reduce hum and buzz on the line caused by electromagnetic interference (EMI). HALO’s digital audio transformers have a broad frequency bandwidth of 10kHz to 200MHz, low Cw/w (inter-winding capacitance), and an integrated shield for enhanced CMR performance.

Benefits of Using HALO’s Digital Audio Transformers

In addition to the noise reduction HALO’s digital audio transformers offer 1500Vrms galvanic isolation between primary and secondary windings protecting your expensive audio equipment from common mode transient voltage that has the potential to damage the IC.

HALO utilizes a patented open frame construction design creating a more robust package capable of withstanding the higher temperatures associated with the RoHS/Pb-Free solder reflow process.


Initially, the TG10-DA1NSLF and TG10-DA2N5LF are being released for use with the Cirrus Logic family of digital audio
sample rate converters. Different variations for other digital audio IC’s available upon request. Samples are available now and preproduction quantities are available through franchised distributors.


Single and Dual Channel Digital Audio Transformers

Digital Audio Transformerspdf

Application: Pro-Audio Equipment
Bandwidth: Up to 200MHz
PCB Mount: Surface Mount
Special: Excellent performance for professional digital audio AES/EBU applications

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