HALO LAN products

HALO offers a full line of inductors including drum cores, shielded drum cores, and molded inductors. For non-standard inductance values or package sizes please contact your local representative or the factory.

SMD Drum Core Inductors

HDC140 Series Low Profile SMD Drum Core Inductorspdf

The HDC series provides high inductance values and high energy storage capability for DC/DC converter applications.

SMD Shielded Inductors

SMD Shielded Inductorspdf

The HPC series of molded inductors provides low DCR for high current applications. Inductance values are available up to 10µH.

SMD Shielded Drum Core Inductors

SMD Shielded Inductorspdf

The HDS series of shielded inductors provides a low cost solution with low DCR’s and high current ratings for multiple applications. Inductance values range from 1.0µH to 3000µH with up to 5A current ratings.