Transformers & Filters for LAN

HALO is a leading global supplier of magnetic components for Local Area Network (LAN) applications. Our main products include Ethernet transformers, Ethernet integrated RJ45’s (FastJacks), common mode filters, token ring, and fibre channel magnetics. HALO offers a wide range of surface mount (SMD) and thru-hole packages as well as optimized circuits designed for use with the top PHY manufacturers.

Ethernet Discrete Transformers, Integrated RJ-45 Jack, and Common Mode Filters

Ethernet Discrete Transformers, Integrated RJ-45 Jacks, and Common Mode Filters

Our Ethernet transformers and integrated RJ45’s (FastJacks) are available in 10BASE-T, 10/100BASE-T, Gigabit, and 10G speeds. The SMD Ethernet transformers utilize HALO’s patented open frame construction offering a robust solution for any network application.

Token Ring Magnetics

Token Ring Magnetics

Our standard series of Isolation Modules are designed to meet the isolation and impedance matching requirements of IEEE 802.5 for Token Ring applications. Available in either SMD or DIL packages, and with either single or dual circuits. Non-standard designs are also available.

Fiber Channel Transformers

Fibre Channel Transformers

A standard series of 1:1 Fibre Channel Isolation Modules to meet the requirements of ANSI X3T11 in copper cable applications.