25/40G Ethernet Transformers

40G Ethernet Transformers

HALO® Electronics is pleased to announce the industry’s first commercially available 25G/40GASE-T Ethernet transformer for IEEE802.3bq ultra high-speed communications over copper cable. Utilizing the UWBX patented technology, HALO® has been able to achieve the high-speed performance needed to meet the OCL, Cross Talk, Insertion Loss, Return Loss and CDMR performance required for a fully compliant 25G or 40G Ethernet port over copper cables. This UL recognized product is available for evaluation under non-disclosure agreement (NDA) effective immediately.

25G/40GBASE-T Single Port Utra High Speed Transformer

25G/40GBASE-T Single Port Utra High Speed TransformerNon-Disclosure Agreement

Application: Ethernet
Speed: 25G/40G
PCB Mount: Surface Mount
Standard: IEEE802.3bq

25G/40G Ethernet Transformers Press Release

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