Ethernet Discrete Common Mode Filters

HALO Ethernet products

HALO’s common mode rejection chokes are designed specifically for data communication applications where common mode noise is a concern. Compatible with IEEE802.3 and 802.5. These products may also be suitable for Telecom applications. Contact your local representative or factory for more information.

Dual 1:1 Common Mode Filters

Dual 1:1 Common Mode Filterspdf

Dual Core, DIL and SMD solutions.

16 Pin Triad Common Mode Filters

16 Pin Triad Common Mode Filterspdf

3 core, DIP and SMD packages.

16 Pin Quad Common Mode Filters

16 Pin Quad Common Mode Filterspdf

High density 4 core, DIL and SMD.

8 Pin 4 Line Common Mode Filters

8 Pin 4 Line Common Mode Filterspdf

4 wire filters in DIL and SMD packages.

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