GEmini and GEmini+ Gigabit PoE Transformers


The industry’s smallest IEEE802.3at compliant PoE and PoE+ Ethernet transformer solutions. The GEmini™ and GEmini+™ reduces the transformer real estate required by up 50%.

The GEmini™ and GEmini+™ series are UL60950, EN60950 and DEMKO recognized for SELV to TNV-1 applications and meet the requirements of IEEE802.3 for 10/100 and Gigabit.


This series is available in both commercial and industrial temperature ranges and is designed for traditional Gigabit Ethernet or Gigabit with Power Over Ethernet (POE) applications. As well, the dual nature of the GEmini™ series enables it to be used in high density dual port 10/100 Ethernet or dual port 10/100 with POE applications providing a significant reduction in real estate while reducing the component count.


This device is designed to meet the DC bias requirements of IEEE802.3at for both commercial and industrial temperature ranges. The dual personality of the GEmini+™ enables this to be used in high density dual port 10/100 or single port Gigabit POE+ Ethernet applications.

The GEmini+ is the perfect solution for high power small appliances such as cameras and wireless base stations and any other real estate sensitive applications.

The GEmini and GEmini+ series are proprietary products requiring a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). For additional information please contact your local HALO authorized representative or franchised distributor.