Lead Free Statement

September 2013


When the WEEE and RoHS directives were first introduced in 2003, HALO began developing our RoHS compliant commercial and industrial discrete products. These devices were designed utilizing exemption 7a of the RoHS directive. Exemption 7a allows for high lead content solders to be used in the internal solder joints. These parts have been identified with the suffix RL.

Road map

We are pleased to announce that HALO has developed Lead Free versions for many of our RoHS compliant discrete transformers and common mode chokes. These Lead Free parts are identified with the suffix LF. For example, HALO part number TG110-S050N2RL, which is RoHS compliant using exemption 7a, is now available as TG110-S050N2LF, which is ROHS compliant and Lead Free.

Although today the RoHS directive allows for exemption 7a, we do believe that at some point in the future this exemption may be suspended. Migrating to the LF parts now will eliminate any concerns for the future. As well, going forward, the LF parts will be available at a lower cost than the RL versions.

Our recommendation for the short term is that customers qualify both the RL and LF versions to take advantage of inventory in the supply chain. Longer term, we will be phasing out the RL part numbers for those parts where we
do offer the Lead Free versions.

Part numbers available in both RL and LF meet the same electrical and mechanical specifications. As a result, we expect the qualification of the LF versions should be an easy process for our customers.

Today, many of our most popular parts are available in Lead Free (suffix LF) and we do suggest that customers begin the migration process to these parts. There are some part numbers not yet available in LF and we will
continue our development work over the coming quarters with the goal of developing Lead Free versions on as many part numbers as possible.

Should you have any questions, please contact your local HALO sales office, authorized representative or
franchised distributor.