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HALO Invests in Next Generation High Speed Data Transformer Technology Capable of 3.7GHz Bandwidth

SANTA CLARA, CA January 21, 2020 — HALO Electronics, a leading supplier of Ethernet transformers, invests in UWB X Limited, a U.K. based technology company focused on creating a new high-speed transformer technology. As part of HALO’s ownership stake, HALO will have exclusive use of this patent pending technology with manufacturing at HALO’s UL and IATF recognized global production facilities.

The technology that UWBX has developed will change the way we think about standard Ethernet transformers and will push the bandwidth ceiling to a level not achievable from traditional transformer technology,” says Jeff Heaton, HALO’s V.P of Technical Marketing.

Andrew Ackland, CTO of UWBX and inventor of this technology, says “Having invented some ground breaking transformer technology, UWB X is very excited to be working with HALO, a magnetics vendor of world renown, and look forward to jointly exploring new horizons in magnetics and seeing the results taken from the lab to reality to make a real impact in the world.

With this technology, HALO intends to develop 25/40G (IEEE802.3bq) magnetics as well as galvanic isolated Multi Gig BASE-T1 (up to 10G over a single pair) transformer solutions for next generation high speed Ethernet applications.

HALO Electronics, Inc. has been a technology leader in the communications industry since its inception in 1991. This technology investment expands HALO’s leadership role in the communications industry.

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